Facecrooks Security notes this recent development is a legitimate link where Facebook is sharing basic security tips with it’s user community.

Facebook – Simple Security Tips now highlighted for Users

Facebook – More details on Security settings

QUOTE: If you see a link at the top of your Facebook page to ‘simple security tips,’ don’t be surprised or alarmed that it could be a scam. Facebook has created a page with some common sense security tips, very much like the ones we often release. The resource page contains a short video from a member of Facebook’s Security team, and the following top three tips shown below:

1.Know how to spot a scam — If an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is. Think twice before you click on a link for free airline tickets or other common scams.

2.Choose a one-of-a-kind password — Is your Facebook password different than your email password? If not, please reset your password today.For more password related security tips see our article: The Top Ten Commandments of Password Protection.

3.Confirm your mobile number — If you forget your password, we’ll be able to text you a new one. To make sure we can reach you, confirm your mobile number. We often encourage our readers to enable login approvals, so that even if your Facebook password is compromised the hacker will need a code sent via text message to access your account.