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Password Attacks – Several websites comprised during June 2012

Trend Micro shares an awareness of the need to have unique and strong passwords to help mitigate on-going website attacks.

Password Attacks – Several websites comprised during June 2012

QUOTE: The month of June is turning into a very bad month for password security. Last week three major sites – Linkedin, eHarmony, and – all suffered from major leaks that put millions of user passwords online. Earlier this week, it was revealed that the game League of Legends has also suffered its own flaw which put customer data – including passwords – out into the open.  What have we learned about password security from these incidents? That people are still using woefully insecure passwords. Too many people are still using frightfully short passwords like 1234, or words that are too short/guessable (examples would be job or linkedin).

Celebrating 35 years in insurance profession

On June 6, 1977, I started as a Sr. Programmer/Analyst for Atlantic Mutual Insurance Companies.  I became a Project Manager in 1979 and worked in a number of job roles, including our initial implementation of IBM PCs in 1981 (management of project, training new users, etc).  I started with Microsoft DOS 1.1 and have been using PCs on a daily basis since then.  I currently work for another company in supporting an automated Commercial Lines policywriting system.  However, I continue to work in the same building that I started my early career in the industry (as the other company purchased the data center).  I am greatful for the opportunities to learn and put these skills to work over time in providing for my family.  All professionals need continuing education and that has been beneficial in a professional that is constantly changing.