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July 2nd, 2012:

Facebook – $100 Starbuck scam circulating

Please be careful as several scams are actively circulating.  When it seems to good too be true, it always is.

Facebook – $100 Starbuck scam circulating

Scam Type: Bogus Offer, Fake Event, Survey Scam

Trending: June 2012

Why it’s a Scam:  The scam is spreading via Facebook Event invitations. If you notice the directions shown above, victims of this scam think they will receive more vouchers based on the number of friends they invite. Step 3 requires users to click on a blogspot URL. This should be a red flag. For one thing, why would Starbucks use Blogspot to run a promotion, and you should also be aware of the fact that a lot of scams are hosted on Blogspot as well. Here we see a very polished and nice Starbucks graphic, but don’t let the good looks fool you.

Facebook – Robbery related to Ad answered by criminals

While most folks using Facebook are “good people”, there are always dangers lurking as criminals monitor the site for opportunities (e.g., scams, families posting vacation plans in advance, etc)

Man Posts Facebook Ad and Gets Robbed After Meeting with Buyers

QUOTE: This is another reminder of why you should not conduct business with strangers that you meet on social networking sites like Facebook.  A man in Houston who posted an ad on his Facebook account to sell an iPad tablet for $400 fell into the hands of robbers. The two alleged criminals, who were identified as Devontta Dorsey, 18, and Darrell Wayne Broussard, 17 were later caught and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.   The victim reported that he received a text from an interested buyer on June 25, 2012. He agreed to meet the buyer, who later turned out to be Dorsey and Broussard, at Miller Intermediate School located at 15000 block of Westpark early in the evening that day.