We are still recovering in our region one week later from the recent Derecho event. 

Five great DR tips are shared in this related article to facilitate future planning:

Disaster Recovery – Five key tips for a successful plan

QUOTE: A five-point plan for strategic disaster recovery can help you capture everything that you need to consider quickly and efficiently.

1. Communications – An effective disaster recovery plan is one that is understood and does not require a team of experts to interpret.

2. Business Process – A proficient disaster recovery plan anticipates different levels of risks inside and outside the enterprise and the inter-dependencies between people, technology, and external conditions beyond normal operational control.

3. Technology Risks – Remember that the restoring data only works if your original backup is actually validated and constantly checked for errors.

4. People Relocation – Be prepared to enable your staff to physically relocate quickly and efficiently to an alternate facility to ramp up operations in times of emergency, and account for external conditions such as weather, transportation, and power outages.

5. Keep It Simple – Finally, remember that if your plan is longer than several pages, it is likely to be misinterpreted by someone, hence, making your data center vulnerable to information