The media is sharing a need for users to ensure their computers are not infected with the DNSChanger malware agent.  However, this has been overly sensationalized and exaggerated, and some folks are panicking.  The FBI will be turning off Internet services for computers infected by the DNSChanger malware which impacts a very small percentage of total Internet users.  The ISC publishes an excellent and realistic write-up on this scope of possible infections.

DNSChanger Internet Client Shutdown – Most users will not be impacted

QUOTE: This new item led to a flood of news reports, which IMHO blow the entire affair out of proportion (the headline to this diary entry pretty much reflects a discussion I had today with a non technical person responding to one of these articles).  In short: Don’t worry. There are estimates of 250,000 infected systems based on data from the DNS changer working group. There are about 2,000,000,000 internet users. So about 0.01% of internet users are infected. In other words: Very few. People who have disregarded warning banners, phone calls from ISPs, AV warnings, and other notification attempts. They probably should be disconnected from the Internet.  Lastly: Tell people to go to (short for DNS Changer Working It has a little test to tell you if you are affected or not. It also got a lot of first hand information about this malware.