As documented by Facecrooks security, Facebook is warning users with possible multiple accounts in advance.  Controls could be more rigidly enforced in the future.

Facebook – New Multiple Accounts Warning

QUOTE: Several Facebook users have reported receiving the following warning message from Facebook.

“It looks like you have more than one account on Facebook. Facebook is a community where people use their real identities so you always know who you’re connecting with. Maintaining multiple accounts is a violation of our Terms and could result in all of your accounts being disabled. Please remove this account and help us keep Facebook safe and enjoyable for everyone.”

This warning has been causing quite a stir today! Many users are worried that they will be losing their accounts, and many stated that they don’t have multiple accounts at all. It seemed rather odd that so many were receiving this message all of a sudden, so we reached out to Facebook to see if we could get an explanation.   We received the following message from Facebook a short while ago explaining what is going on:

“We are currently testing a system that warns users who have opened multiple accounts, we are not taking any action on these users for the time being so there’s no need for anyone to worry. We are iterating on this system to be more accurate and are only notifying possible violators.”