This article notes caution when traveling to not misplace or forget equipment. While there are expenses associated with lost items, the information contained on them could compromise corporate security controls.

Over 8,000 Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, USB Drives Lost in Airports

QUOTE: Traveling this summer? Know where your mobile device is at all times, Credant Technology advises.  Travelers left their wireless devices behind at “alarming rates” across the seven airports included in a recent airport survey—Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Charlotte— according to the second annual report from Credant Technologies. Researchers found 8,016 total lost devices in major airports, and security checkpoints were the most common place to misplace mobile devices, according to the report. Restrooms was another common area.

Of the devices misplaced in the airport, 43 percent were laptops and 45 percent were smartphones and tablets, according to the report. The remaining 12 percent were USB drives. Just a little half, or 52 percent, of the devices are returned to their owners, Credant said. If they are not claimed, airports overwhelmingly donated them to charity or sold them at public auctions.