Scammers use a number of tactics to capture sensitive information, including free offers.  Facecrooks security warns users with a tactic of “fear” to take action or they might lose privileges if they do not respond.  As one must login to respond to this new phishing scheme, it can result in security compromise of one’s Facebook account.  It is important to remain cautious and only respond to legitimate requests.

Warning: We received from other users that your account has violated a policy that is considered to disturb or offend other users.

Scam Type: Phishing
Trending: July 2012
Why it’s a Scam:  Clicking on the link in the scam post will direct you to the following URL. This is not a legitimate Facebook domain, but a casual user could be easily fooled by it. If you click continue you will no doubt be presented with an attempt to obtain your Facebook login credentials.