Facecrooks Security shares steps on how to remove the map if desired from the new Timeline feature


QUOTE: Facebook is requiring all users to switch over to Timeline by fall, but some aspects of the feature aren’t exactly sitting well with users. For instance, some posts are now displaying a map with the location of the user when he or she posts something to Facebook.

Users can remove a link to the map from their timeline, as well as untag their location. However, these actions don’t entirely delete the map, which can still be found under its own URL (facebook.com/your.username/map/).

In other words, there are steps users can take to increase their privacy protection, but they can’t undo Facebook’s invasiveness entirely. If this concerns you from a privacy standpoint, then your best bet is to not approve tags that contain location data.

Follow these directions to remove your Map as a Timeline Favorite:

1.Navigate to your Timeline. 2.Depending on the number of Favorites on your Timeline, you might need to click the down arrow located underneath the Activity Log. 3.Hover over the top right corner of your ‘Map’ to display the edit icon. 4.Click the pencil and then select ‘Remove from Favorites.”