Next month, a new preview version of Firefox should emerge which uses the new Windows 8 UI

QUOTE: Mozilla will release a preview of Firefox for Windows 8 in September, complete with Modern UI styling and windowless Flash. Mozilla already announced plans earlier in the year to offer a Modern UI (formerly known as Metro) version of its popular browser, but now new details are beginning to emerge, including a few carefully placed screenshots like the one above.

Brian R. Bondy, a developer working on the project, posted an update to his blog outlining Mozilla’s progress and goals for the fall release. “Work on the Metro style enabled desktop browser has progressed steadily and things are looking really good,” Bondy writes. According to Bondy, a preview version of Firefox will be available first as a beta release, planned for later in the year. The preview will be styled as a “combined classic + metro browser” with classic desktop user interface elements for tabbed browsing and navigation.

More details can be found here: