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November 16th, 2012:

GMAIL – Finding large attachments with special search

These links document how to find the largest messages in cleaning up GMAIL history to regain space.

QUOTE: This may come as a surprise, but Google is known for its search capabilities and offers many useful search shortcuts. It’s no wonder that Gmail does the same. Network administrator Josh Gilmour points out on his blog that if you’re low on space in your Gmail account, one easy way to fix it is to search by message size. Searching by size is very simple. You just type size: and then the minimum number of you want each message to be. For example, you’d type size:1000000 for messages greater than 1MB.

Facebook Scam – Free $400 Costco voucher

As there are “no free lunches” on the Internet, a new Facebook scam has surfaced that should be avoided.

QUOTE: We have seen this popular landing page on so many scams before. This should be a huge red flag by now. After completing all three steps, you are redirected to the landing page shown below. If you read the fine print, you have to complete user surveys and a several reward offers. We have never known of one person to actually receive the item being offered in promotions like this. They appear to be fraudulent marketing gimmicks!

Microsoft Skype – Security update to prevent account hijacking

Skype users should promptly apply this key update:

QUOTE: The folks over at Microsoft (who now owns Skype) fixed a bug earlier today that potentially would have allowed anyone to hijack a Skype account simply by knowing the e-mail address the account was associated with.

Microsoft Security updates – November 2012

Security updates are available to patch vulnerabilities in Windows, IIS, Excel, IE and Framework are available.

Please promptly install these critical protective updates.