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November 20th, 2012:

Mozilla Firefox 17 – Social API and Plug-in Version checker

Firefox version 17 was just released and two new innovations are available.

QUOTE: In its continued attempt to help influence the Internet, Mozilla on Tuesday released an update to Firefox that integrates social features into the browser. With this update comes two important things to note: first, the browser now has a social API that developers can tap into, and second, starting today, Firefox users can send Facebook messages right from the browser. So, why Facebook? The service is the biggest social network out there and many of its members are of course Firefox users, a Mozilla spokesperson told TNW. In addition, the social network was able to help flesh out the API to make this idea a reality.  With the social API, Mozilla is hoping that developers take notice and find a way to leverage social services right into the browser in a way that it says will be “compelling” and “makes it easier to use the Web the way you want”.

Firefox users who have outdated versions of the most popular plugins will soon see a notification urging them to update when they visit a web page that uses them. Old versions of Silverlight, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash on Windows are covered by this.