This article by PC Magazine offers excellent safety advice in four distinct vulnerable areas:

QUOTE: While Black Friday marked the beginning of holiday shopping in stores around the country, many consumers are increasingly counting on online deals to find the best gifts. In a survey of 4,958 U.S. online shoppers, 41 percent of consumers said they planned to shop online on Cyber Monday, the first Monday after the long Thanksgiving weekend. Almost a third of respondents planned to shop online after looking for sales during the Black Friday weekend, and 29 percent planned to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals to get their shopping done early. Retailers aren’t the only ones prepping deals; cyber-criminals are paying attention, too. Consumers scouring the Web for amazing deals and acting quickly before special offers expire are highly vulnerable to email messages and posts on social networks containing malicious links.


1. Shop on Legitimate, Secure Sites

2. Protect Your Data

3. Protect Your Accounts

4. Protect Your Devices