Sensitive police documents were apparently shredded and used as confetti in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

QUOTE: The world’s most famous Thanksgiving parade is probably not where you’d expect to find shredded confidential police documents. But that’s exactly what Ethan Finkelstein says he found while enjoying the annual parade in New York City last Thursday, according to an American news station.  Finkelstein told PIX11 he was watching the parade from 65th Street and Central Park West when he noticed some of the confetti stuck to his friend’s coat. As they picked it off they noticed it had the letters ‘SSN’ and a number next to it. So they gathered some more confetti that had fallen around them. They found other confidential information, such as arrest records and police officers’ details, including social security numbers and dates of birth. Some of the documents identified detectives – including undercover officers – by name.