This article in the Mac Security Blog makes a great point,  While seatbelts won’t prevent all injuries, you are much safer by buckling up.  Likewise, security controls won’t guarantee complete safety, but folks can stay better protected through technical safeguards and best practices.

QUOTE: Passwords, security software, and user education don’t prevent 100% of computer security problems. There are some large holes in “typical use” of these things — no one will disagree with that. Should you stop using them? Every few months, there is some new article suggesting exactly that. The latest to join this trend is an article by Mat Honan discussing the inefficacy of passwords.  This much is true: if you’re only using easily guessable passwords and signature-based antivirus on a Windows machine, you’re likely to get hit with malware or have your accounts hacked sooner than later. But if you’re updating your software, using complex passwords, and implementing a security suite including anti-virus with behavioral scanning plus a firewall, your odds of being hit are much lower. At the very least, your protection is going to be way better than what most people are using, so you could be a less tempting target.