PC Magazine warns of new malware agent that can intercept POS transactions and obtain credit card data


QUOTE: A new piece of malware targeting point-of-sale systems and harvesting payment card data would be less successful if more payment data was encrypted in the first place. Cyber-criminals used a customized piece of malware to infect hundreds of point-of-sale systems from businesses in 40 countries around the world and stole data from tens of thousands of payment cards, researchers from Israel-based security firm Seculert found Tuesday. Dubbed Dexter, it has been found on Windows-based point-of-sale systems at well-known retailers, hotels, restaurants and parking providers. “PoS systems are often the weak link in the chain and the choice of malware,” Mark Bower, vice-president of Voltage Security, told SecurityWatch.While Seculert did not identify the companies who had been infected, it appears the largest group of victims is in the United States, at about 30 percent, followed by the United Kingdom with 19 percent. Affected countries include Brazil, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain and Turkey.