Trend Labs forecasts more targeted attacks are anticipated in 2013

QUOTE: In his 2013 predictions, our CTO Raimund Genes predicts that there will be increasing sophistication in malware attacks, not necessarily in the technical aspects of the malware itself but in the deployment of an attack. Moreover, he believes that such attacks will increasingly have a destructive capacity and that it will be challenging to determine attribution. Building on these points, I predict the following trends for 2013:

* There will be an increasing specificity in targeted attacks, especially as knowledge of some of the noisier APT campaigns is increasingly publicized.

* While we are used to targeted attacks that are motivated by espionage, 2013 will see a rise in attacks with a destructive capacity.

* In 2013, there will be an increasing recognition that social, political and economic indicators must be used in conjunction with technical indicators to fully assess and analyze targeted attacks.