Abine’s DoNotTrackMe provides free and easy-to-use capabilities to improve user privacy and PC performance.


QUOTE: DNTMe stops more than 50 additional trackers, so it protects you from more than 200 companies and 630 tracking technologies. We also removed the option to set advertiser opt-out cookies, a self-regulatory attempt at an opt-out method. They’re confusing to consumers because they involve downloading more cookies to get less tracking, something that’s difficult or impossible to verify and that our users rejected. A new look. We kept the features our users liked–such as a simple, easy-to-see browser icon that shows how many trackers are trying to mine your information on the site you’re visiting, an all-time count of trackers blocked, and blocking social button tracking—and gave a little facelift to everything else. A new chart visually displays how many trackers you’ve blocked since you started using DNTMe, and you can share your number from within DNTMe (don’t worry: these share buttons aren’t the kind that track you!). The layout is cleaner and easier to read, but if you’re a creature of habit, you can return to the old look in your settings.

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