AV Comparatives recently tested browsers in how well they prevent phishing attacks:



QUOTE: In the movies, hackers work hard breaking into electronic networks to steal passwords. In the real world, they just politely ask for your credentials using a phishing website designed to look exactly like a valid financial website. If you log in to the fake website, you compromise your own security. Fortunately, most popular browsers include some degree of antiphishing protection. Unfortunately, their effectiveness varies widely. AV-Comparatives just released the results of a test examining how well popular browsers detect and block these frauds.

My own antiphishing tests use Internet Explorer 8, because the test system I use runs Windows XP. IE8 has averaged around 65 percent detection in my recent tests. The Microsoft engineer who “owns” phishing protection wishes I would use IE9, as its SmartScreen Filter is even more accurate. AV-Comparatives used IE9, and it definitely scored better, with 82 percent detection. However, Opera beat out IE9 significantly, with 94 percent detection. Because Norton Internet Security consistently does well at detecting frauds, I compare each suite’s detection rate with Norton’s detection of the same sample set. In recent tests Norton has averaged 94 percent detection, the same as what Opera alone achieved in the AV-Comparatives test. I’m impressed, Opera! The other browsers lagged behind significantly. Chrome detected 72 percent, Safari got 66 percent, and Firefox only detected 55 percent.