This popular data gathering application may pickup some items which are marked as private.  Wise advice is offered in this article by Facecrooks Security to avoid posting anything that is sensitive in nature.

QUOTE: Storify is a popular online curation tool that gathers pictures, status updates, videos and more into one convenient place. However, Julie Pippert, founder of Artful Media Group, discovered a loophole in the service that allows private Facebook statuses to be made public via the tool.  The app can pull private Facebook statuses from groups despite privacy settings. It displays the text of the post next to a picture of the user, completely compromising the privacy of many users who most likely thought their content was safe from prying eyes. Storify obtains this seemingly private information through a process similar to copy and paste and screen grab functions.

Facebook released a statement to Mashable saying that the app isn’t obtaining any data from Facebook through its API.  This Storify problem serves as only the latest reminder that nothing is really private or hidden on the web. If you don’t want something getting out there, don’t post it on the Internet, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter what barriers your content lie behind; there’s a good chance it could get out anyway. Be more thoughtful and careful about what you post and you don’t have to worry about it.