New themes for Windows 8 have been released

QUOTE: We all love to personalise our PCs, from simple wallpaper changes to the most extreme of case mods. To give Windows 8 users a little bit more choice when personalising the OS, Microsoft is releasing new themes and wallpapers for you to download through the Windows Store.

In a cross promotional move with the Xbox 360, Microsoft has created a Halo 4 theme, bringing the “Halo 4 heroes to your Windows desktop.” And it doesn’t stop there, with the popular GTGraphics theme getting a sequel in the form of GTGraphics2. But for the more chilled, relaxed and altogether outdoorsy person, the Garden Life 2, African Wildlife, Ancient Egypt and Thailand themes should satisfy your tastes for all things beautiful, natural and manmade, in the world.

Microsoft has not forgot about the users who haven’t yet moved to Windows 8, or who simply prefer to tweak their desktops from time to time, providing new wallpapers to hopefully satisfy their personalization needs.

More details can be found here:

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