The new Facebook “graph search” feature may share some personal preferences that users may not want to disclose.  This great advice from F-Secure can help better protect privacy.

Yesterday as I was testing Facebook’s Graph Search, which is in Beta, I searched for the following: women who live in Helsinki, Finland and who like sushi. (I wanted something that would get lots of results. It did.). At the end of the day, I cleared my search history.  Then today, a sponsored story for a Helsinki-based sushi restaurant appeared in my News Feed.  Coincidence?

Three steps to improve privacy

1. First of all, consider limiting all of your old posts. Most of the profiles that I’ve observed make good use of current privacy controls, but some have pre-2010 legacy posts which are public.

2. Secondly, edit your likes. (””/favorites)

3. At least limit each category to friends rather than public, especially if your posts are generally only shared with friends