Symantec has published an infographic related to some of the latest data loss trends involving both security and contigency planning

QUOTE: For example – putting off file or server backups until tomorrow or some other day could be disastrous. Yes, you may have work that needs to be dealt with right away, but wouldn’t you rather rest easy knowing that in case of a power outage, your company’s data is secured and backed up, thus reducing the possibility of falling behind in production?
Another bad habit is employees taking their work home with them using unencrypted USB drives or emailing it to their personal accounts. If you want to keep doing your work at home, make sure to encrypt the files and data. Cybercriminals could easily hack into your email and find that information, putting your company at risk of a security breach. Also, avoid using public WiFi to send confidential reports and data to your boss. It may be convenient, but you never know who else is using that network