Facebook – New Gold Membership scam

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A new “Gold Membership” scam for fee of $9.99 is circulating and should be avoided by all users http://facecrooks.com/Scam-Watch/The-Facebook-%e2%80%9cGold%e2%80%9d-Membership-Hoax.html QUOTE: It seems that a new viral hoax sweeps Facebook every week or so. They always sound vaguely plausible, at least upon first glance and without a close inspection. The latest in this line of semi-believable […]

PDF Security best practices from PC Magazine

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As a top safety tip, recommend moving to version 11 of Adobe Reader as it offers sandbox security controls that help better mitigate scripting attacks http://securitywatch.pcmag.com/none/308409-read-pdf-files-safely-here-is-how QUOTE: Cyber-attackers frequently trick users into opening PDF files containing malicious code. Once opened, the code triggers security flaws in Adobe Reader and Acrobat and compromises the victim’s entire […]

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