The “Who has viewed your Profile” scam has been one of the most popular ones circulating.  The latest version has been greatly enhanced to import friend photos and should be avoided.

Scam Message: Who Viewed Your Profile – Introducing the new “Who Viewed Your Profile” feature on facebook!  The scam creators cleverly import the profile pictures of the user’s Facebook friends to make the scam appear more legitimate.

Scam Type: Profile Viewer, Rogue Browser Extension

Trending: March 2013

Why it’s a Scam: Clicking the scam link takes you to an external website and you are prompted to install the browser extension shown below:  who_viewed_your_profile. It’s important to remember that anything offering to show you who has viewed or visited your profile is certain to be a scam. Facebook doesn’t allow developers access to the data required to create such apps or extensions.

How to Deal with the Scam: If you did make the mistake of installing the rogue browser extension, then use the guide shown below to remove it: