This false news alert adversely impacted stock market for couple of minutes today.    

QUOTE: A tweet posted on the Associated Press account Tuesday reporting two explosions at the White House was bogus and is the result of a hack, the news organization said.  “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured,” said a tweet posted around 1 p.m. ET to the AP’s Twitter feed.
The @AP account has since been suspended on the site. “This was a bogus tweet … the account has been hacked,” Paul Colford, director of media relations at the AP, confirmed. “We will advise more as soon as possible,” he said in an email. The AP Twitter feed “was hacked,” CBS News also said in a tweet. “Disregard any AP tweets about disturbance at WH or injuries,” it read.
The Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than 150 points upon launch of the bogus tweet, but the market immediately recovered when word spread it was the result of a hack.  About a 150 point drop in stock market occurred at 1 pm EDT and loss was fully regained about a minute later