Ransomware is a malicious attack that puts a lock on a user’s PC, where they cannot easily proceed without paying the charge or removing the malware.  A new fake version appears to come from FBI and even has capability to activate a user’s webcam.  Infected users should never pay this fee and they should seek removal tools to delete these malicious agents.



QUOTE: Computer users around the globe are being hit by a new kind of virus that freezes their computer and accuses them of committing heinous crimes. The threats sound real enough that victims are coughing up $200 to pay a “fine,” and virus writer gangs are netting millions, security firms say.  In each case, the accusation appears on a pop-up screen while the virus simultaneously disables the computer. The message often shows the user’s IP address and city, and sometimes, recent websites visited by the victim.  The most alarming version activates the victim’s webcam, takes his or her picture, and displays it on the warning.

“They are saying, ‘we know who you are, where you are, and what you were doing,'” said John Harrison, a security researcher with Symantec. “They attempt to scare the heck out of you.” The victim is then offered an option: pay a fine within 72 hours, and the charges will be dropped, while the computer will be restored.