This summary by Information Week recaps 8 changes associated with the new 8.1 version of Windows

QUOTE: Microsoft last week released a preview edition of Windows 8.1 in conjunction with its developer-oriented Build conference in San Francisco. With the update, the final version of which will arrive later this year, Microsoft hopes to rewrite the Win8 narrative, turning what has been perceived as a failure into the foundation for a more diverse Windows landscape. Here are eight facts about Microsoft’s effort to make its new OS better.

1. You can basically turn off the Modern UI – The Start button is back, but rather than summoning Windows 7’s Start Menu, the Win8.1 version redirects to an “All Apps” screen — a compromise that Microsoft hopes will mollify perturbed desktop users while keeping its Modern apps from falling out of view

2. Microsoft will release updates more frequently, and they will install automatically.

3. Windows 8.1 is more customizable, includes more user-centric features and hooks more deeply into the cloud

4. Internet Explorer 11 will be fast but it might also be schizophrenic

5. The Windows Store looks better and will soon include some big-time apps

6. Developers have more tools to build compelling apps for Windows 8.1

7. Windows 8.1 includes hooks to cutting-edge technology, including 3-D printing

8. Installing the Windows 8.1 preview can be tricky — Microsoft’s FAQ makes clear this update is for tech-savvy users, not curious minds that simply want to take a test drive. The company warns that “uninstalling the preview isn’t supported