An updated summary of new features for Windows 8.1 can be found in the link below:

QUOTE: We built Windows 8 to bring a modern computing experience to businesses and to help professionals stay connected to their colleagues and clients from anywhere, anytime. Windows 8.1 advances this vision and introduces new manageability, mobility, security, user experience and networking capabilities that will be available later this year … Below is a list of some of the new and updated features:

PART 1 – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Enhancements

* Workplace Join * Work Folders * Open MDM * Mobile Device Management * Web Application Proxy * RDS Enhancements * NFC Tap-to-pair Printing * Wi-Fi Direct Printing * Native Miracast Wireless Display

PART 2 – Mobility Enhancements

* Wider range of VPN clients in both Windows and Windows RT devices * Mobile Broadband * Windows To Go in Windows 8.1 (Windows Store is enabled by default) * Broadband Tethering * Auto-triggered VPN

PART 3 – Security Enhancements

* Remote Business Data Removal * Improved Biometrics * Pervasive Device Encryption * Internet Explorer 11 improvements (e.g., faster page load times, side-by-side browsing, enhanced pinned site notifications, sync settings across all your Windows 8.1 PCs, improved antimalware scanning capabilities) * Malware Resistance (e.g., Windows Defender includes network behavior monitoring) * Device Lockdown

PART 4 – Modern User Interface Experience

* Variable, Continuous Size of Snap Views * Boot to Desktop mode * Desktop and Start Screen (better support users who prefer a mouse and keyboard experience to access applications)