Interesting performance review, where latest version of Firefox (v22) offers significant performance improvements.,3534-12.html

QUOTE:   While Chrome 27 is the leader in most categories, Firefox 22 is right on its heels in second place. So, with close second-place finishes in nearly all categories that Chrome wins, Mozilla really needed to exploit any weakness in Chrome. And it does just that. Chrome’s extreme fall from grace in start-up time really hurt. With Firefox attaining top marks in that category, an extreme divide is created where we’d normally expect both browsers to pace each other. The same type of brutality is used against Chrome in reliability testing, where Firefox 22 almost pulls off a perfect score, while Chrome 27 has issues with more than 25% of the workload.  Although this is not the first time that Firefox has edged out Chrome, this is the most punishing margin of victory. It’s as if Mozilla knew just where to strike. Now, the onus is on Google to either completely outpace Firefox in performance (as it once did), or focus on addressing Chrome’s own weaknesses. Either way, Mozilla buys Firefox some time at the top.