PC Magazine offers excellent recommendations for travel safety as noted below:
QUOTE: Summertime! Off to the beach, or to the mountains for some cooler temperatures. Visiting family or exploring new locales. Keep the following security tips from Grayson Milbourne, director of security intelligence at Webroot, in mind as you make your travel plans this summer.
1. Don’t Tell People When Your House is Empty — You don’t want to come back from your trip to find that burglars have taken advantage of your publicly announced absence to help themselves to your belongings. If you must post updates of all the fun you are having every day on Facebook, then please, make sure you are using the privacy controls. Make sure only your real friends and trusted contacts can see your posts.
2. Be Alert for Rogue Wireless – Don’t just hop on and off free public wireless networks willy-nilly. You may think the wireless network belongs to the hotel or the airport (just because it says Terminal 1 doesn’t mean the airport owns the network!) but it may easily be a rogue network.
3. Backup Your Device – If you are taking a laptop or mobile device on your vacation, back it up first. You don’t want to lose all your contacts, photos, and files just because you accidentally lost it or left it on the plane.
4. Don’t Let Your Device Out of Sight – Try to keep your device with you. If you have your laptop with you, consider using the room safe instead of leaving it on the desk while you are out. You don’t want to take the chance of it being stolen or have someone use it without your knowledge.
5. Install Device Protection –  For smartphones and tablets, install anti-theft and mobile device management before you leave for your trip. And if you don’t think you will get it back, then you can send the command to remote wipe the data.
6. Update Everything – Update your software, operating system, and security tools before you leave. You don’t want to be hit with a malware attack while you are on the road.