A few new vulnerabilities have been found in the new release of iOS7 that will likely be patched expediently by Apple



QUOTE: New major releases of an operating system always bring with them a few unexpected wrinkles to be ironed out. Yesterday’s speedy discovery of a lockscreen bypass flaw being a case in point. And now, a Polish researcher has posted a blog including video demonstrating how the “Emergency Call” screen can be used to call any number.   While iOS 7 includes all kinds of nifty features that improve security of lost or stolen devices, unfortunately it seems to have a lot of bugs that would allow thieves all sorts of access to the phone without actually having to get into the device. (Whoops!) Interesting that a few months back, Apple gave a group of experts an iPhone 5 with iOS 7 for testing purposes, to try to bypass Activation Lock. Looks like lockscreen and “emergency call” flaws were omitted from that testing.