This safety tip from Kim Komando’s newsletter shares informative tips that can be applied to reset most popular browsers

QUOTE: Remove unwanted toolbars from any browser

QUESTION — Kim, my kids accidentally installed a bunch of toolbars and plug-ins on our computer. I’m at the point I just want to re-install the entire browser, but I thought I’d ask you if there was an easier way I’m missing. Thanks!

ANSWER — Unwanted toolbars and plug-ins squeeze the fun out of going online, Amy. They can hijack your home page, add clutter to your screen and make your browser sluggish. In a worst case scenario, they can also make your computer less secure. Some outdated plug-ins, for example, have security holes that make it easier for viruses and spyware to sneak in.   Luckily, these annoying programs can be removed. And most of the time you can get rid of these programs without re-installing the entire browser. You didn’t tell me which browser you use, so I’ll walk you through the process of removing unwanted toolbars and plug-ins from each of the major browsers.