The Grand Theft Auto series is popular and malware has been detected in leaked Torrent versions circulating. Users are always best served by avoiding malware and licensing dangers associated with pirated software.

QUOTE: The fifth installment of the legendary (and controversial) sandbox shooters Grand Theft Auto is due out later this month, but some players are hoping to get in on the game early by downloading “leaked” copies of the game. Those who partook of the illicit downloads might end up paying a lot more than the price of the game, however.  According to Bitdefender, what downloaders are actually getting is a nasty malware scam. During installation, you’re asked to fill out a survey in order to receive a confirmation code. To finish the survey, you’re prompted to send an SMS message to a shortcode.

The ears of careful readers familiar with our Android malware coverage should prick up, because that’s a common scam among bad guys targeting the Android platform. Shortcodes, like the numbers used by the Red Cross to raise money, tell your mobile carrier to add a certain amount to your wireless bill. Bad guys use the same technology for evil by writing apps that secretly send SMS shortcodes that transfer money to them (or affiliates). Sometimes, Android malware creators will just create an official looking app and prompt users to send the codes themselves.