QUOTE: The quiz, made by fine folks at Security Coverage, creators of Password Genie, does a good job of placing the risks associated with bad passwords into context. For instance, most people understand that a longer password is more secure, but they may not know why.  The only real quibble I have with the quiz is question four–a true/false question which says “social media networks like Facebook and Twitter protect my password information.” You can see the answer for yourself, but I feel like this question doesn’t take the recent security breaches at Twitter and Facebook into account.

Though the information in the quiz is pretty solid, the prize contestants should walk away with is more than some factoids about passwords: it should tell people to use a password manager. These helpful services generate and store unique, complex passwords for every site, service, app, or wherever password authentication is needed. Our Editors’ Choice award winners LastPass 2.0 and Dashlane 2.0 will do all the hard work for you.