An old expression “there are no free lunches on the Internet” applies in the newly updated scam currently circulating

QUOTE: Apple unveiled details of its long-awaited new iPhone models this week, announcing the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. While the impending September 20 release date for the phones has been a cause for celebration online, social media users should beware of fake offers for new iPhones cropping up on Facebook. In fact, as Trend Micro reports, these spam messages have already been appearing in users’ inboxes.  The emails attempt to look like an Apple Store notification email and tells users that they’ve “won” the iPhone 5S plus an iPad. A link in the email then takes users to another website, where they’re asked to input their email address and password. So far, the scam has spread across southeastern Asia, though as the buzz around the new phones increases as the release date draws nearer, Facebook users around the world can expect to see more of these same kinds of scams.