Please be careful with phone calls, emails, postal mail and alerts regarding October Health Care law changes:

QUOTE: President Barack Obama’s health care reform law kicks in Oct. 1, and cybercriminals, along with health care providers, are standing by, only too eager for you to share your personal information.   There’s already a lot of confusion out there about the Affordable Care Act, and as some of us start to finally pay attention and get ready to sign up for coverage, scammers and phishers are at the ready for those people who opt to sign up for coverage by doing it online at the Health Insurance Exchange.

What makes it a potential gold mine for cyber-thieves is that the Health Insurance Exchange “isn’t made up of a single authoritative site where people can go and register for coverage,” writes Christopher Budd, threat communications manager for Trend Micro security, in a blog post.  In addition to the federal site, he says, “people can apply for coverage at sites run by individual states. Then, within each state, there can also be legitimate third-party sites that provide assistance and even broker coverage.”