PC Magazine notes benefits of power and convenience that might become popular for future hardware:


QUOTE: Earlier in the year when I was at PC Mag’s New York office, mobile guru Sasha Sagan came bounding into a meeting holding Sony’s VAIO Tap 20$949.99 at Amazon all-in-one touch-screen desktop. He jokingly called it his new “laptop tablet.” We all laughed and then went on with the meeting. However, that term has stuck in my head. So recently, when I got a chance to test Dell’s XPS 18$1,349.99 at Dell all-in-one desktop, I decided to take it off the table and use it on my lap while watching TV. My experience was rather eye-opening.

At a strategic level, Intel also sees the potential of the laptop tablet market. At IDF last week, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told analysts that when he brought home the Dell XPS 18, he put it up on the table and left the room for a few minutes to do something. When he came back his kids had grabbed it and were sitting in front of the TV playing Monopoly. He believes the future of the desktop will be with portable all-in-ones that can double as large tablets. I suspect this message will start spreading to Intel’s partners, and I won’t be surprised if we start seeing the first versions of these portable, dual-purpose all-in-ones officially announced by CES.