Apple recently patched two key mobile applications as follows:

QUOTE:  This week on Mobile Threat Monday, we look at two mobile issues related to Apple products—though, interestingly, one of them is on Android. The good news is that both of the two stories we’re highlighting today have already been solved, but the bad news is that they existed in the first place.

1. iMessage Chat — Apple’s iMessage is the system that allows users to send text messages to other iOS users over Wi-Fi or data network. It’s an appealing service since it’s free, automatic, and syncs with iMessage on OS X (and also can’t be read by the FBI, though that’s up for debate), but it does leave Android users out in the cold.

2. Mailbox JavaScript — Mailbox is the iOS email app that soft-launched with an enormous waiting list. Mailbox has been extremely popular on iOS and is now open to everyone. The app’s reputation took a bit of a hit last week when it was revealed that Mailbox would execute JavaScript in emails without the user’s permission. The issue was apparently discovered by several security watchdogs, though Michele Spagnuolo’s breakdown of the issue made headlines.