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Facebook – New Timeline Search capability

NY Times shares article on new advanced Facebook timeline search capability

QUOTE: In a blog post on the company’s Web site Monday, Facebook said people could now search “status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments” from both their own timelines and those of their friends.  Facebook said people could search for specific things by, for example, typing in, “Posts about Dancing with the Stars by my friends,” which will bring up any posts by their friends on the service who have commented on or shared content about the show. You could also search for “Pictures of me and my dog” to help find photos in which you’re both tagged, or “My posts from last year.”

Fake Healthcare registration sites – October 2013

On October 1, 2013 major changes in Health Care became law and new fake sites are circulating in addition to legitimate ones.  Users should be cautious and watch carefully in conveying any sensitive information.

QUOTE: Security company Trend Micro reported that they’re already seeing spam targeted to words like “medicare,” “enrollment,” and “medical insurance.” These terms aren’t quite on-point just yet, but Trend Micro’s threat communications manager Christopher Budd told SecurityWatch that deep problems with the Marketplace websites could make things much worse.

Budd says that without a clear means to verify if a site is official or not, people are risk of finding themselves duped by convincing-looking fraudulent websites. We’ve already seen how spammers and scammers are very adept tailoring their messages. And because these websites deal with medical issues and insurance, people are already primed to hand over tons of personal information—like their Social Security numbers. Worse yet, some people will be signing up their whole families, potentially giving thieves access to a lot of personal information.

The main problem, says Budd, is that some of the state websites did not follow best practices for security—or even adequately brand themselves as part of the ACA. “To give credit, the Federal site is professional, well branded, and provides SSL,” said Budd, pointing out how automatically used SSL.