Bitdefender warns regarding a fake scam pretending to be associated with FB Social Empires game

QUOTE:  Facebook games have amassed huge audiences with their broad, social appeal. However, among these expanding user bases are some more casual players who aren’t necessarily the world’s most tech-savvy people. Case in point, 135,000 players of the popular Facebook strategy game Social Empires have recently been scammed through a fake cheat according to Bitdefender’s Hot for Security blog.   Like many in Facebook games, the economy of Social Empires, from Spanish developer Social Point, works by making its over six million monthly users wait or pay real money for the resources needed to proceed. The purposefully frustrating yet addicting mechanic controls the pace of play keeping players locked into the system. Knowing this, the scam entices players by offering maxed out food, gold, wood, stone and cash reserves. All they have to do is Like and spread the page by sharing it on other Facebook walls. It sounds like a steal, but the real theft is happening to the user.