Key mobile phone user concerns were recently assessed and they center around security

QUOTE: It’s easy to see we’re attached to our devices. Of those surveyed, 63 percent of users said they’d be upset if they left the house without their phones. Without phones, 29 percent of users would miss texting the most followed by calling with 26 percent and email with nine percent. Not to say this saturation is a bad thing, it’s just the world we’re living in now.

However, this new world has new rules for keeping vulnerable, personal information safe and not all users are following them. 18 percent of those surveyed store password information on their phones while 26 percent remain uninformed of the risks of clicking strange links and downloads. Nearly half of all users still don’t bother using a passcode at all, one of the simplest security measures. Bad habits can be hard to notice and harder to break. But, if users are really worried about privacy and don’t know what to do, being cautious and paying attention to their mobile activity is a good place to start.

Aside from the serious potential risks that come with stolen data, one out of three users under 30 said they’d just be embarrassed if their information was exposed. That’s not surprising considering how much of ourselves we can now put on the internet, and how much of it is apparently ripe for the taking. “Smartphones have become our most personal computers and in many cases know more about us than our best friends,” said diVittorio. Users are worried about losing personal info (42 percent), bank info (33 percent), contacts (29 percent) and texts (23 percent).