EWeek highlights 10 improvements found in Windows 8.1, including security


QUOTE:  Windows 8.1 promises to strike a proper balance between Microsoft’s vision for the future of its operating system and the average user’s view on what features it needs to make the OS as effective for their needs as possible. While Windows 8.1 is an improvement over Windows 8, it’s an admission that the software company might have misjudged what users would find acceptable in the latest edition of Windows. This is not unfamiliar territory for Microsoft. When the company launched Windows Vista, users were displeased with its redesign of the user interface. But Windows 7 fixed that, and Microsoft moved on. Now, after Microsoft’s mistakes with Windows 8, company officials hope improvements in Windows 8.1 will put the OS in users’ good graces. This slide show looks at the improvements in Windows 8.1 that Microsoft hopes will placate alienated users

It Includes Better Security Features.   Overall, it’s hard to not be happy with the improvements Microsoft made to Windows 8.1’s security. The company has updated Windows Defender to provide improved antivirus and anti-spyware protection. It also has finally delivered device encryption across its entire software line, not just its mobile platforms. Windows 8.1 will even work with enhanced biometrics—a feature that enterprise buyers eagerly desire