EWeek shares the new automated Server based updating found in WordPress 3.7


QUOTE: A new version of the open-source WordPress content management and blogging platform, Version 3.7, has been officially released, providing users with improved stability and security. The impact of the new WordPress platform on the Web as a whole is nontrivial, as WordPress currently is the technology behind some 72 million Websites.

One of the biggest changes in the WordPress 3.7 release is the much anticipated introduction of background updates. Until the 3.7 release, WordPress users needed to manually click the update button inside WordPress or download a new release to update an installation for security fixes. It’s a situation that could well have left countless millions of sites with older versions of WordPress, which could potentially be exploited by attackers.

However, the new background updater in Version 3.7 can now automatically update WordPress installations for maintenance and security. Introducing automatic updates for a server-side technology like WordPress, however, could be riskier as it could potentially also impact the myriad plug-ins or underlying technology that the site is running on