The ZBOT family and other related malware are still actively circulating and use highly sophisticated botnet command-and-control techniques. Usually, after one malware family diminishes, a more sophisticated attack is launched in it’s place.

QUOTE: Money talks big. The industry of financial Trojans has been steadily growing as money is moving to online banking applications. In its latest blog post and whitepaper, security software company Symantec looks at this year’s state of financial threat. Within the first nine months of this year, infections by the most common financial Trojans rose by 337 percent. This means almost half a million computers that are infected every month are susceptible to fraud. Symantec analyzed eight online banking Trojans’ recent configuration files to better understand which URLs the Trojans attack and the perpetrators’ strategies. The study reveals the wide reach of Trojans; they can and will target anything that the attacker can get a monetary profit from.