An effective corporate security approach uses sophisticated technical defense systems as well as emphasizing the important of security to their workers.  This recent study notes that while some companies are not actively involved, many now use online training resources.

QUOTE: Delving into the research – which was conducted in late November – reveals that companies seem to be letting the side down on the security training front, with 18.7 percent of office workers polled in the late November survey admitting their employers did not provide them with security training, and just 5.1 percent saying their company conducted phishing testing as part of their training. It’s not all doom and gloom on the anti-phishing front, however, as the survey found that 27% of employers are conducting online security training for their staff. With 27.4% integrating some form of security training in their employee induction courses, and 11.8 percent using the traditional approach of classroom security training to get the message across.