PC Magazine highlights 5 best practices for Mobile Application developers


QUOTE: Jared Blake, the CTO at Moki, sat down to tell us five simple things developers can do to make their apps better

1: Use HTTPS For Everything
2: Don’t Try to Invent Your Own Encryption
3: Clean Up Your Logs
4: Know Your Platform
5: Be Aware of Personal Info and Your Audience

Blake says that developers need to ask themselves if the information their app gathers is something users are going to worry about if it’s exposed. If so, the information needs to be carefully secured—or not gathered at all. Consumers Need To Be Aware of safe practices

* They also need to be educated.
* Even information that seems mundane—like a phone number or email address—can reveal a lot about them.
* They also need to understand how apps gather that information
* “Don’t just blindly accept those permissions,” he said. “Think through them.
* “Do I really want to give an app access to my lockscreen? My contacts?”
* Google’s vetting system for the Play store, it’s still a very safe place to get your apps.