As PC Magazine reflects 2013 was a record setting year for Security Breaches:

QUOTE: Target, Neiman Marcus, and Adobe. This past year was pretty rough for them. Was there anything they could have done to avoid the mess of security breaches? Well, yes actually. According to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA)’s latest report, these companies should’ve had better security controls and practices in place.

What Was Discovered – OTA’s findings included a number of noteworthy statistics. The non-profit estimated that over 740 million records were exposed in 2013 alone, making it the worst year for data breaches to date. Out of all these attacks, a whopping 89 percent could have been prevented if companies had simply employed basic, effective security measures.

Companies, Pay Attention! – Other useful tips include the use of email authentication to check on inbound email and avoid malicious, phishing emails. Companies should encrypt all sensitive information in order to better protect it. Keeping detailed logs is crucial to determine the severity of a security breach on a company. It’s important for companies and organizations to back up and protect their logs from attack. Each company should additionally have an incident response team and develop a Data Incident Plan.