PC Magazine shares writeup related to PowerLocker, that is being sold in underground malware development kits for $100.  It is described as being hype or possibly a threat more powerful than CryptoLocker.  Users should continue to backup data well plus avoid malicious threats actively circulating




QUOTE: Sneaking around since last November, PowerLocker has supposedly been lurking in underground crime forums, waiting to snatch up unsuspecting victims. The malware looks similar to CryptoLocker, another online threat that caused headaches last year. While CryptoLocker locked up victims’ computer files until they paid for the decryption key, PowerLocker could potentially be more dangerous.

CryptoLocker was custom built for only one cyber gang to use, but PowerLocker could be sold in underground forums to anyone as a do-it-yourself malware kit for just $100. The new malware could also disable administrative functions on a Windows operating system like the task manager or registry editor. Using keys based on the Blowfish algorithm, PowerLocker encrypts victims’ files that can only be unlocked by a 2,048-bit private RSA key.  Don’t get too afraid though; PowerLocker could be just all hype. There haven’t been any samples of PowerLocker yet, and there’s no actual evidence of the rumored project in progress. Additionally, the price is suspiciously low for such a powerful threat; malware creation kits are typically at least $1,000.