Another informative talk in 2014 RSA conference

QUOTE: Are your PCs all configured for Automatic Update? If not, you’re risking more than just missing out on the latest version of Internet Explorer. At the RSA Conference, Simon Edwards, Technical Director of London-based Dennis Technology Labs, presented the results of a study showing that keeping Windows up to date seriously improves your security. Edwards noted that one obvious way to get even more protection is to patch significant third-party tools like Flash, Adobe, and Java. “If you kept those things up to date,” said Edwards, “the graph of improved protection in a patched system would be a lot higher. The bad guys specifically use toolkits that attack vulnerabilities in those third-party apps.” He noted that using a patch manager like Secunia Personal Software Inspector 3.0 can help.

Overall, 32 percent of the malware samples used in testing were neutralized by the simple act of fully updating the test systems. Those antivirus products with the lowest scores in the unpatched state naturally got the most benefit from patching. Does this mean you don’t need antivirus if you keep your system patched? Not at all! Think about the other 68 percent of malicious programs that were not stopped by patching. And if you want to know more, dig into the full report on the Dennis Labs website